Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tim Love Lee's "Love Machine"...

Pretty Things...Analogisch.com

Homemade Gramaphones & Circuitry Snacks!

Nightbirds in the Studio...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tara Busch- "Somewhere Over the Moogerfooger"...

ARP 2600 Demo Series Introduction by AutomaticGainsay..

The rare and Mello cousin of the Mellotron...Birotron!

The Electric Prunes and the Vox Wah Pedal....and Mr. Jimi...

NAMM 2008 - AnalogSuicide.com takes a peek at the Clavia Nord C1...

NAMM 2008 - Randy George plays Daft Punk's "Da Funk" on Etherwave Pro...plus Daft Punk's "Magical Pyramid Spaceship"..

Bjork's Musical Clues...Podcast: The Making of Volta , parts 1 and 2

Introducing : Iner Souster and the Experimental Instruments He Lives With...

Hydraulophone & Glass Armonica..."The Key to Good Music is to Play in the Water."

For the Love of PJ Harvey... Name that Machine!!!

Divine Dewanatron Electronic Music Instruments....

The Latest Creations by Dan McPharlin... Miniature Synths for the Moog Acid LP..

A Life in The Death of Joe Meek...

Find one for Tara : Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer Analog Synth

From Stephi Ann Duckula...The Drum Buddy Auction !

Ahh...EMS VCS3 MKII & Universal Sequencer demo....

Lovely new synth blog!!

Fresh from Big City Music...Analogue Systems RS 430 Distortion Module for Eurorack Synth

The Magnificent Buschovski...

Friday, February 1, 2008

NAMM 2008, Tara and the Moogerfooger MF-107 FreqBox!

NAMM 2008 - Inside the new Mellotron with Markus Resch..

Making Pilfershire Lane...Alex Maiolo and the Stylophone!

The Wizard of Moog....

AnalogSuicide visits "Dark Side of the......."

Mike Walters' Breadbox Synth!!

NAMM 2008 - A word about about the "new" Vox Continental!

More NAMM 2008 !! Fun with the Roland VP-550..

FANTASTIC new site via Tim Love Lee...www.instructables.com

NAMM 2008 - Dave Smith and the Prophet 08!!

NAMM 2008- The Scoop on the new Vox Continental??!!!!

NAMM 2008 - Every Nun Needs a Moog! Tara Busch resurrects "Every Nun"...

NAMM 2008- Tastiness from Big City Music's booth - LL Electronics RozzBox!!!awww....

NAMM 2008 - AnalogSuicide with Dieter Doepfer..

NAMM 2008 - Analog Suicide chats to Peter Grenader of Plan B

NAMM 2008 - lovely Fender Rhodes!!

NAMM 2008 - Moog's MP-201 Multi-Pedal!!

NAMM 2008 footage - Delicious new Minimoog OS!

Switched on- Inside Mike Walter's Melloman!

Every Nun Needs NAMM 2008!

Tara Busch...Switched on Mellotron!
Heroes!! Brian Wilson and Tara Busch chat about drum sounds!!
Tara switches on the Moogerfooger MF 104Z at the Bordello...